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Q: What is the dialing sequence to open a standard combination lock? Note for inmates at a correctional facility: In addition to the Activation Code Request Form, you must submit your request on official prison facility letterhead. Q: What are some suggested password combinations for "Set-Your-Own" combination lock model #643DWD and #4691DWD? Web page that streamlines the exploit.

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US distributors may call. Please note that although Master Lock does not charge for this service, some distributors or retailers may charge a fee. Choose from one of the two options below to obtain your combination: Note: Due to increased security concerns nationwide, Master Lock recognizes the heightened need for additional safety measures. On a Masterlock, turn the dial clockwise until it stops completely.

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If your lock is attached to something, you will need to call a locksmith for removal. If the click happens when the dial is between two numbers, round up to the higher number. A: Some of password combination suggestions can be found in within the 643DWD instructions. This is your second number.

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A: You can obtain the Activation Code through one of the following options: 1) Visit a Master Lock distributor/retailer Bring the lock to a Master Lock distributor or retailer. The page responds with the first digit of the combination and two possible digits for the last digit. Have your Lost Combination Form notarized by a Notary Public to prove you are the owner of the lock. A: Contact your local hardware store or locksmith.

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Turn the top of the metal downward an eighth of an inch. Do not release the shackle. Forward a note to our E-Commerce Team for further instructions. This is your first number. If you can not read the serial number after you make the copy - that is ok, just write it on the side of the copy.

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Printer Friendly Page or download the PDF file. WikiHow Contributor Creating a "shim as explained above, will allow you to open the lock without working the code.