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Korea, south, US military, K-13 / same, nickel plated brass, 21mm, C-KR2700a. Germany, hamm, octagonal, zinc, 20mm, U2-2 spot,. 1690s) bust R, maria II DEI gratia / rose on bush, EX candore decvs, copper, 22mm,.92g, Montagu-18b,. Mexico, token, ND (c.

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Canada, countermarked coin, 1968 10 cents c/m MP obv., nickel,. Germany, friedrichshafen, 10 pfennig, 1918 iron, 21mm, U2-1. Germany, westphalia, roste-Hüllshoff / horse, aluminum, 28mm, U2-20,.

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Germany, meissen, boy grapes, white porcelain, 22mm, U6-14 flaw,. Argentina, token, ND 5 in open chain of elongated hexagons /. Germany, ohrdruf POW camp, 2 pfennig ND, iron, 20mm, U3-3 cleaned. Page 1 - A - N afghanistan, medal, 1353 SH (1973 AD) crowd scene republican eagle / legend date, bronze, 40mm,.95g, proclamation of the Republic,. India, ramtanka, ND (1930s Rama Lakshmana standing L / Rama Sita seated on dais, attendants flanking, Hanuman below / silver washed brass, 22mm,.

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Her functional role will often. Korea, south, US military, SAC officers open mess 25, 5 4mm wide / same, nickel plated brass, 24mm, C-KR2470e.

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Italy, medal, 1971 bust R, nikita kruscev 1894. bezirkskriegsmÜNZE, octagonal, iron, 20mm, U2-4. France, jeton, ND, laureate youthful bust L, LVD X FR EEX / Mars with French shield standing on some other shield offering olive branch to Venus holding Spanish shield, pacis firmanda erep TUM pignignis, brass, 24mm, probably German or Low Countries strike,.

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France, rouen, jeton, ND (c. Bresson CIE / 10c, scalloped, bronze, 31mm,.1. Of 1 schilling 1924 / rev. Ireland, rolling mill, ONE penny token.hilles dublin / shamrock, payable IN bank OF ireland notes 1813, indented cord edge, DH-11 edge bumps, nicks,. France, PAU, 10 centimes ND, bust L, heinrich LOU biarnes / remboursable avant 1920, iron, 26mm,.2.