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Like bar charts, they can sometimes give false signals, and therefore should be used in conjunction with fundamental supply-demand information. This is critical for commodities. Commodity Countries Canada and Australia charts both start to surge this week with Canada making a new three month high. It is an establishment that is well-regarded and holds an important role in maintaining the market and how it is running at all times.

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Lets look at the following diagram to see what a Blip. These pages m, Inc. The wobble in the market on Tuesday was quite significant. The top of the bar (or line) represents the high price for the day. The logic behind this indicator is that, for example, if prices have been in a steep down-trend for a long period of time, they are over-due for at least a temporary recovery.

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The chart shape is great so I would look for this trend to continue into the summer. However, real-time ICE data is available through several of our trading platform demos. Key reversals often appear near the top or bottom of an extended price move.

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Please Note: Regrettably, the IntercontinentalExchange, Inc (ICE) no longer allows free public access to its market data. Buy and Sell Signals. Please contact CYF Brokerage for more information on a unique way of handling these risks. Exhaustion gaps represent the final phase of a lengthy price move and may indicate the market is about to peak out. Crude is hovering around the 50 day moving average.

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Moving average charts are straight-forward and easy to read. Then we'll have to watch to see if they can keep up or lead an advancing SPX. Analysis some years ago at ISU in agricultural markets showed about a 70 to 80 percent probability that short-term price trends would follow the direction indicated by key reversals.

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Gold dropped and finally had a mini rally on Friday. Measuring gaps (see Figure 5) identify the half-way point in a price move, but are much easier to identify from hindsight than from foresight.