Bitcoin flying as ETF gets second shot

New York-based startup SolidX revealed last July that it was filing to list a bitcoin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange, seeking to sell as much as 1m worth of shares. The, securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering a rule change that may allow bitcoin, eTFs to be listed on exchanges. I've heard whisperings that there are many people within this administration who are friendly or at least amicable to digital currencies like bitcoin.". "One of the issues was that Bats hadn't set up surveillance-sharing agreements with the major exchanges on which bitcoin is traded, with the purpose of identifying and stomping out market manipulation. Calendar image via Shutterstock, the leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.

Will We Finally See a Bitcoin ETF?

In a note earlier this year, Goldman Sachs said bitcoin was much better suited as a crypto commodity rather than a cryptocurrency. Grim was the top official in charge of approving new ETFs, including the bitcoin ETF that was rejected at literally the last minute, which some took as an intentional insult towards this space. Since then, applications filed by other firms have met with a similar response.

SEC Considers Rule Change to Allow Bitcoin ETFs Investopedia

However, according to the Exchange, ethers market is currently supported by many of the same online exchanges and the same infrastructure that has developed around the bitcoin network. Bats Global Markets, operator of the exchange on which the ETF would trade and which is owned by the same parent company.

A new nyse-traded Bitcoin ETF is about to give the Winklevoss

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to reexamine its decision to refuse the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF. SEC sends mixed signals about controversial ETFs. And, if it is indeed Blass that is appointed, a bitcoin and ethereum ETF approval seems more likely. June 13, 2018, 09:11:10 AM Author, topic: Bitcoin ETF - decision 15th May - Time and place  (Read 8634 times). More from m : Top tech ETFs of the year.

Bitcoin ETF Reconsidered by SEC, Ethereum ETF Version May

This enormous outpouring of support from the cryptocurrency community is three times Coin Centers annual budget, which will help us step up our education and advocacy work at a time when government interest in these technologies is the highest its ever been. The latter ETF provides returns equal to the inverse of daily performance of bitcoin futures. Their application was rejected.

Bitcoin ETF - decision 15th May - Time and place - Bitcoin Forum

The Commission is instituting proceedings pursuant to Section 19(b 2 B) of the Act11 to determine whether the proposed rule change should be approved or disapproved, the statement confirms. Koreans look closely at Japan and tend to imitate a lot of activity there, so there's been a lot of demand from that area of the world also." "That's been the story of bitcoin added Bogart. After originally blocking the tool from going to market on the bats exchange, the latter applied for a review, which according to a filing seen by Fortune will now go ahead. Spencer Bogart, managing director and head of research for Blockchain Capital, is skeptical that the SEC will change its tune on the bitcoin ETF. That in and of itself wasn't significant as, generally, people don't like to spend bitcoin; they like to hold." "But Japan's move provides some regulatory clarity, and now there are major tech companies that want to open up bitcoin exchanges in Japan Bogart said.