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Change your passwords frequently. That includes not only the name of the company, but the person who struck the deal and the names of the Directors of the company/business as they (Directors) can be sued for fraud. Your public records, such as driving or court records, combined with social media information, may be enough for even an amateur computer hacker. If you are making a payment to a third party always do it through a debit or credit card as you can recall it; or use the transaction confirmation as evidence in Court of recovery of what is in effect a fraudulent transaction. Youre adopting a blind trust that along every step of the way nobody is going to read the message, and thats where the question of risk comes into play.

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PayID is a fast, secure way to send and receive money using just your mobile phone number. Please join our community focused on financial education and helping each other! Cash, cashier's checks and money orders are typically safe but not always convenient or practical. Clarkson was hoist by his own petard because publishing his account information in a national newspaper turned up his risk factor. Well, while you place a certain amount of trust in those you give a cheque to, it will either be sent by post inside a sealed envelope or handed directly to its intended recipient.

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PC Pro : Over the past few months, more and more people have sent me their bank account numbers and sort codes via email when they want payment for services, Charles said. Reputable online payment services such as PayPal claim to be secure, but you are required to input banking or financial card information, which always carries some risk. You will find your bank's routing numbers to the left of your account number at the bottom of your check.

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I now prefer Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG which is the GNU projects free implementation of the OpenPGP standard, especially since theres a Windows-friendly version called. Monitor your financial accounts for suspicious activity and report it as soon as possible. Phishing emails are designed to lure you into divulging your bank account numbers or other personal information so that the sender has access to your financial information. Never give out your checking account number - and exercise extraordinary diligence when handing over a paper check. The Numbers Combination, even more dangerous than giving out your bank account number is giving it out in conjunction with your bank's routing number - the nine-digit string of numbers that identifies each specific bank.

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Other Ways to Get Your Numbers. Your checking account number is printed at the bottom of every check, so every merchant and individual receiving a check from you also gets your checking account number. If youre registered for the CommBank app, you can register for PayID. PGP author Phil Zimmermann was pursued by the authorities and subjected to criminal investigation for years, accused of exporting munitions without a licence, after the source code found its way onto the net.

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Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images, when Its OK to Reveal Your Account Number. Federal Reserve System supervises, regulates and provides services to the nation's financial institutions but also works to protect consumers' rights. For most of us using the medium of email, the risk is far lower. These two number sets are all a nefarious individual needs to potentially access your bank account. You may think your email is pretty safe if youve absorbed this advice and taken the appropriate action, but all these problems focus on the email arriving in your inbox, rather than messages you send out.