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And what about the.S?  It quickly spread to Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan.  Purple Transformer. (For those who havent check it out, Breaking Bad tracks a struggling New Mexico high school teacher diagnosed with lung cancer. DanceSafe officially announced the alert warning that the tablets contained N-ethylpentylone and other unknown substances.

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 Sharing this information with Digital Music News, the organization has uncovered the most popular varieties of ecstasy.  Youll also see potentially-fatal ecstasy pills with Superman, Transformer, Rolex, and Cartier emblem in circulation.

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It last appeared domestically in 2012 in Ohio. In the organizations findings, the Blue Transformer soon appeared in Arizona and California by the end of that year.

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The ecstasy pills that were on alert were the light blue dolphins and the orange Louis Vuitton. Dubbed the Blue Dolphin, it also has a spinoff:  the Yellow Dolphin. By, steve, august 08, 2003.  Just a month earlier, federal agents had seized thousands of Blue Transformer pills. Drug test kits are also available via their website.

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The site gives people honest and helpful information to help keep everyone safe and away from fake and bad products. Sydney Morning Herald reported, the ecstasy pills shaped with the recognized Superman logo may not contain mdma. With the concert season well underway, Addiction Now decided to take a closer look at ecstasy use. .  White Rolex. . In these forums, drug users readily described the appearance and effects of mdma pills, or ecstasy, theyve purchased.

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Unlike the rest of the world, the Blue Dolphin didnt take the top spot in the United States. Across the board, the group analyzed over 8,000 crowdsourced reports submitted to t and EcstasyData. Dont take a bite of this apple.