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How things turn out, of course, remains to be seen. Blockchain advocate and full stack engineer with 10 years of experience. The Rentberry ICO will help tenants unfreeze more than 500 Billion blocked in rental security deposits worldwide through crowdsourced security deposit coverage. . Prospective tenants can customize offers based on demand an Id competition for a specific property. .

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Mr Lubinsky insists that the system is fair. Written in Ethereum Solidity, smart contracts are another key to the future of Rentberry. Rentberry has faced criticism from some who feel it is likely to push up prices - only those with the biggest budgets will fare well when bidding, they say.

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Is Rentberry Solving a Real Problem? Theyve also completed the first closed-loop rental platform with a transparent application technology in the.S.

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"Sometimes they want to meet and interview a tenant personally before they offer a lease he explains. This network allows any member of the community to help subsidize someone elses security deposit in exchange for a reward of up to 5 (all paid in berry tokens). The Rentberry ICO is an all-encompassing long-term rental platform that manages every step of the rental process, from hosting open houses to paying rent. . The immutability of blockchain technology increases the breadth of Rentberrys long-term rental platforms abilities. .

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You may be thinking all this sounds great, but the old system wasnt so bad was it? "First-time buyers made up 32 of buyers in February, historically that should be closer to 40 he says.

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The tenant browses properties, finds one they like and submits an application along with an amount (in berry) predetermined by the application deposit smart contract. But with the advent of Rentberry, the old tedious way of apartment hunting may be next on the chopping block.

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Smart contracts will be designed to handle all manner of transactions from the simple one described above, to every token movement or agreement between parties on the Rentberry platform. Rentberry (Real Estate fully operational long-term rental platform. Also, the Rentberry ecosystem will offer the ability for community members to help back quality tenants, unfreezing millions of dollars tied up rental security deposits in the process. Fundraising Goal: 30,000,000 USD, sold on pre-sale: 4,000,000 USD (Seed Round, not related to ICO). Needless paperwork everyones probably had the experience of filling out some 8-page form, trying to transcribe information from their iPhone, scanning and emailing documents, etc.