How do I change the mobile number associated with my Hotmail

All of your personal information, including email address, name, and IP address will be deleted from this site. It will open a new window, and ask for your password unless you just logged in (as security measure). (You can opt-out at any time.).

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Was this article helpful? WikiHow Contributor Check the iPad's email browser and maybe restart (not reboot!) your computer.

Is there a way to make a hotmail account without using my actual

Enter your current password. Select, set as primary email next to the address you want to set as your primary email, and click the green. The problem, of course, is what happens if you dont have any alternate phone numbers or email addresses listed, or those that are listed are no longer valid or in your control. The message changes, letting you know youre about to embark on a slightly more involved process to maintain account access. What is wrong if I can open and read emails, but cannot reply or send email in Hotmail on my iPad?

Add a cell phone to Hotmail / m account - Login Tips

WikiHow Contributor, don't tell anyone your new password! Tip: you can add different phone numbers to the same Microsoft account, and the same number can be used for different accounts.

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On the next page, click on the first link, labeled ". Changing Security, click on, manage advanced security in the lower left. Enter and confirm your new password. Steps 1, go to m/password/change in a web browser.