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Many wonderful Cryptocurrencies with incredible potential are starting all the time. Triwer is a revolutionary parcel delivery platform that eliminates inefficiencies in cargo delivery, while aiming to r 2 xDAC 50 xdac Apr 15 Self-governed platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies. A smarter way to explore live music. 32 Stox 50 STX May 09 Blockchain Prediction Markets Platform.

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Simple Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform Make Money by Helping Others over the Phone, Mass adoption. A social service where you get paid to post Buy, sell and auction any vehicle with cryptocurrency Go-to platform for all existing cryptocurrency users and the main gateway for new adopters A news platform, combining news creation with decentralized networks to deliver factual content. Crypto exchange that is already live with 50 major coins/tokens and 100 pairs The world's first mobile game combining AR, AI, Blockchain and DAG Altruistic cryptocurrency rewards members of the public for exposing ICO scams and reporting valid smart contracts. Future of gambling Self customizing smart legal contract platform, that allows, lawyers, individuals and organizations to send and create One-click Masternodes and Masternode Pools First decentralized car sharing and hire platform built on Blockchain Blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency. Simplified, fast and secured exchange, world's first token for shipping industry.

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The worlds first RE supercomputer, search engine and roboadvisor. Jun 04, enables the best investors to manage your funds. Do Cryptocoins such as Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum ever give away free Cryptocurrency via Airdrop or any other way? Blockchain based mobile payment service Transform current practices and methodologies in cold chain management bringing unparalleled cost and time efficiencie GigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers on a global scale.

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Over-the-counter clearing house that provides ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies A platform for the IT industry for project management and contractors. Sports IPRs Issue and Exchange Platform on Blockchain The safest token marketplace backed by its own Exchange and Accelerator Powerful Platform for Data Scalable Decentralized Applications supporting Privacy Management ICO Marketplace The Decentralized Professional Network A large food delivery service network combined with power. A Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a free Cryptocoin giveaway.

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Signup through link and join their telegram Decentralised Global Real Estate Platform That Offers Cashback and Rewards Contributors 14 Araw 500 araw May 08 The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem Merging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Bring Critical Information to the World. Automating the service economy Video Interactive Platform Gold asset trading platform Global business management and connectivity solutions 2 OjuT.56 Ojut Feb 16 The travel coin Facilitates IoT Developers 0 icst 30 icst Feb 16 Blockchain-based personal content and skill trading protocols Next Generation Ecosystem for. We have thousands of belt buckles and and a great variety of leather leather belts in our unique store as well. Cation and distribution of digital data Cash back loyalty network using blockchain Insurance for cryptoassets Digital currency 0 PM7 20 IB Jan 24 Decentralized affiliate marketing platform Decentralized AI for Collective Governance A Global Mutual Insurance Community Based on Blockchain Technology Stock Photography on Blockchain.