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Interestingly, you can also pull out a better summary dashboard: Error Dashboard: Warnings Dashboard: Page Level Report Interestingly, you can dig down to page level reports to see if you have page specific issues: Ranks SEmrush is also working on industry wide ranking reports for. Once youve taken the time to understand how your prospects talk and what they search for, have looked at the keywords driving traffic to your competitors and related sites, and have looked at the terms driving traffic to your own site, you need to work. You want to know what youre going to get.

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Organising your content hierarchically, based on those target keywords. The headline you see on the page is typically an H1 (or possibly an H2) html element. Search engines arent cruel and understand that.

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Adsense (beta) This is a new and developing area of SEMrush, which in my opinion needs a fair level of work. You must change each and every internal link to the new location, as well as all external links you control or where you can ask for an URL update. Ive written a little about the acquisition, and the company and its technology (including patents) in this post: Google Acquires Neven Vision: Adding Object and Facial Recognition Mobile Technology.

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Dont forget to maintain (delete or update frequently) the sitemaps after the move. This acquisition brought Google a whole new way to reach out to consumers with advertisements. Remember : Dont output anything before the redirect header, and nothing after the redirect header! By looking at the organic traffic to your site, you can get a gauge for the actual volume of visitors coming to your site, and where theyre going. On most machines thats a huge list like m, m, m, because the default server configuration catches all not explicitely defined subdomains.

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By the time you reach the end of this SEO basics guide, youll have a strong understanding of what search engine optimization is, why its valuable and important, and how to get great results in an ever-changing SEO environment. Please note that the default reponse code of all redirects is 302. I believe WordPress SEO by Yoast also does this. Note, I paused between the different implementation stages rather than do it all straight.

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Area is what led to this acquisition. Here is the http/1.1 definition : 307 Temporary Redirect The requested resource resides temporarily under a different URI. The 307 redirect was introduced with http/1.1, hence some user agents doing http/1.0 requests do not understand. Yahoo handles 301 redirects a little different: Source When one web page redirects to another web page, Yahoo!