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Sometimes you can also add a recovery phone number to your profile to receive a code to reset your password via text message. Or Have your gmail account been compromised.e hacked? Every time I type in a new password I get the message that "Passwords do not match. Just follow these steps to configure this option.

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Click, accounts and Import. 4 Click Try a different question if you can't remember an old password. 8 Click the Change Password button. Type a new password.

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Please dont use 123456 or password, and avoid using publicly available information like your phone number in your passwords. This solution also provides the ability to authorize co-workers to perform these tasks without having to call. Chose the type of problem youre facing. Tagged with gmail gmail login gmail sign in). Like if the password recover system only depends on birthdate and a security question then it is easy to guess the answer of someone whom you know.

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It should not contain any words that can be found in a dictionary, or any personal information. You'll still be covered, because when you or anyone else tries to sign in to your account from another computer, 2-Step Verification will be required. Ultimately this solution makes it easier for the user, easier for the administrator and easier for the whole organization to handle the task of updating the Active Directory. Under recovery email address Add another email address (not the same as your gmail account address). Possible methods include: Receiving a prompt on a connected Android device.

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If you're using an iPhone or iPad, you can change your password using the Google My Account website. Using the suggestive gmail recovery tool, you can easily recover your gmail account in unfortunate cases and troubles. Follow safe practices when you sign in gmail.