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returns public string AuthorizationLinkGet string ret null; string response oAuthWebRequest(T, request_token, String. Null) @ @ kenSecret qs"oauth_token_secret @ @ ret " permswrite @ return ret; / summary / Exchange the request token for an access token.

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It comes with a Twitter example. It works for T as well as T services, and works in partial trust shared hosting environments.

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The article explains an idea that involves some html screen scraping to grab the pin. Status is "release candidate" - despite we already have several real life projects built with usage of this library, we will change status to "stable" only after comprehensive set of acceptance tests is ready and runs successfully. Works in the browser and in NodeJs as a npm package.

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Split foreach (string s in p) if (!NullOrEmpty(s) if (dexOf -1) string temp.Split d(new QueryParameter(temp0, temp1 else d(new QueryParameter(s, string. Authlib (sources on GitHub ) An ambitious authentication library for OAuth 1, OAuth 2, OpenID clients and servers. RegisterFacebookClient(String, String, String registers a Facebook client with a specified identifier.

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Michael Mealling is working on support for SiteMinder. UrlEncode(sig /Convert the querystring to postData if (method Method. Curity Identity Server : A self hosted Authorization Server. RegisterGoogleClient(String, IDictionary String, Object registers a Google client. Twitter, Twitpic, SoundCloud etc.

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There is a good article on the OAuth site that explains more. To begin the process you need to pass the. Marco Bettiolo from 7digital has written a Javascript OAuth Signature Generator.