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summary / param name"service" An authenticated public override void Run(BaseClientService service) AdExchangeBuyerIIService adXService long accountId rse insert account ID here ListClientsResponse response st(accountId).Execute Console. Ad Exchange for Video displays a count of how many users have seen the first 25 (Quartile 1) of a video. A matched ad request is counted for each ad request that returns at least one ad to the site.

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Bandwidth month A month in yyyymm format. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

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The same data is available in branding_type_name. Use them to authorize a Http object. Also, the number of ads in an ad unit may vary depending on whether the ad unit is displaying standard text ads, expanded text ads or image ads. The same data is available in AD_unit_size_name.

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Ad eCPM Estimated revenue / Ad impressions * 1000 Legacy metric. Video quartile 3 video_AD_skippable_skip_ratio This measures the percentage of ad impressions that the user skips in a given video by clicking "Skip." This option only applies to skippable video ads and appears after :5 seconds. Example: Above the fold.

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Trueview is a misnomer. App Engine, because the Python client libraries are not installed in the. Example using pip: pip install -upgrade google-api-python-client, set up your credentials. All calls to the API require authentication; create a Credential using the Service Account email and P12 File discussed above. CTR Clicks / Matched requests Not exposed to publishers in the Ad Exchange reporting.

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For details, see our Site Policies. Download it manually and add a reference to the DLLs. Test and monitor your bidder with live traffic Once your bidder is connected it will be in "Testing Mode".

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This guide explains how to get started writing applications that use the Ad Exchange Buyer rest API to interact with DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Gradually increase your assigned QPS to load test your bidder and determine bid response latency. Error message: s ssage end # Set options and default values for fields used in this example. Please refer to the file inside each directory for installation instructions.