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To see statistics on the crowdsale, please read this post. The symbol for Ethbet Tokens is ebet. It is simply not technically possible. To see statistics on crowdsale participation, check out this post.

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More ICO Projects For You: Asset Management, eNDS IN: Prediction Market, eNDS IN: Education, eNDS IN: Insurance, eNDS IN: Social Network. Do not trust addresses that are given to you by strangers they may be trying to steal your Ethereum.

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Channels, iCO Dates, september 17th 2017 To October 15th 2017. How do I purchase Ethereum? require minCap not reached require (amountRaisedInWei fundingMinCapInWei) (isCrowdSaleClosed) (mber fundingEndBlock) (nder 0 /burn user's token ebet token balance, refund Eth sent uint256 ethRefund nder; nder 0; nder 0; Burn(nder, ethRefund /send Eth back, burn tokens ansfer(ethRefund Refund(nder, ethRefund). Do not send from these wallets.

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Base Token Price: 1,000 ebet 1 ETH, ethbet is revolutionizing the way gambling on the blockchain works by becoming the first project to support peer-to-peer betting, allowing players to cut out the middleman and instead bet directly against each other. You sent Ether from an exchange or wallet that you did not control. return "Successful (ebet Hardcap)! Type in the URL yourself (m bookmark it, and make sure that it looks similar to this in your browser: To participate in the Ethbet crowdsale using MyEtherWallet:. If you lose your wallet and private keys, you will lose your tokens.

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The following token information can be used to configure various wallets or websites to display ebet: Address: Symbol: ebet Decimals: 2 ebet is an Ethereum-based token that follows the ERC20 standard. In order to instruct MyEtherWallet to display your newly acquired tokens, hit. Ebet is currently already listed on at least one exchange.

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Token Crowdsale Info, ethbet is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, and provably-fair Ethereum-based dicing game without a house edge. It is prudent to do your own research. The following exchanges already have ebet listed for trading: HitBTC, EtherDelta How does the crowdsale transaction work? If you sent Ether from an exchange, you will likely lose them. Gold Silver are sponsored positions.